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Strategic Security Corporation Performs Risk Analysis

Joseph Sordi

Joseph Sordi is the managing director of Strategic Security Corporation., a company that focuses on providing protection and recovery from natural disasters or terrorist attacks. One of Joseph Sordi’s top priorities involves risk consulting.

Security is a vital issue in an environment of global threats. In addition to measuring risks, Strategic Security plans with businesses how to enhance existing security methods.

Determining what security arrangements to make is an often subjective process. The company adds objectivity to these decisions by following the Department of Homeland Security’s seven-point standards.

Business continuity is another aspect of Strategic Security’s services. If planned well, these concepts can minimize disruption from events ranging from short power outages to the worst disasters. Putting these plans in action before they are needed enables an efficient emergency response.

The company offers many other solutions. For example, its emergency management plans cover such areas as backup electrical supply, communications, and storage facilities. The firm also works with architects to incorporate adequate protective systems in new buildings.

For more information, visit the company website at


For more information, visit the company website at

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